new packaging + new name

We have three news for you.

No.1 - New packaging

We are proud for the new graphic design of our new packaging that demonstrates the innovative design of our awarded winning newmero bricks.

We use the sides of the packaging to demonstrate what the newmero bricks look like and explaining in details how the bricks can be used in different ways.
On the top side there are "learning benefits" from using the newmero bricks.

No. 2 - New name

We have also changed the name to the "newmero bricks"
instead of "The Joy of Numbers".

No. 3 - New variations

To spice it up, we have also changed the names of our packaging:
"Retail pack" will be "Large pack" (picture above) and
"Starter pack" will be "Small pack" (picture below).

We hope that you like the new look and the new name.
The new packaging is ready and will be renewed in all the shops in the next months. 

Best regards,
Allan, Christine and Erik

P.S. The manuals will also have the new look (see below).
P.P.S. You can download the new manual from our our website

Forside lille manual.JPG

newmero academy

We have launched the newmero academy website. The purpose is to provide the teachers a new way to demonstrate the newmero bricks from a large smartboard, touch screen or even a projector.

newmero bricks demonstration on smartboard

This will be great for the teacher to explain the exercises on the smartboard so the pupils can quickly get started with the newmero bricks.

10 Friends exercises with newmero bricks

Furthermore, we are not only explaining the exercises for the teachers but also creating exercises and printouts for the pupils to fill out in class.

Here is a sample from the exercise 10-Friends.

10 Friends exercise with newmero bricks for pupils
newmero bricks exercise of 10 Friends

The website is still a beta version and will also be translated in different languages.

Please check it out:

The idea behind newmero

The idea behind the newmero bricks

The idea behind the newmero bricks started with laminated paper number cards, as Allan was playing decimal numbers with his oldest son. 

After some time it became clear that the the laminated paper stacks were sliding apart and it was at that time that Allan and Christine got the "AHA!" moment. 

Prototypes of the newmero bricks
The right colors for the newmero bricks

Children should be able to "touch" the numbers in a more intuitive way! Instead of using flat, numbered cards, they chose to build thicker numbered brick which gave a completely different tactile experience.   
The first prototypes were made on a 3D printer at the Science and Medicine Library.
After several attempts, the family decided to rent a 3D printer and start a small production of many more prototypes in the basement over the Christmas holidays in 2014. Christine and Allan regularly tested prototypes with their and others' children aged 3-8 years. They also contacted their children's school math teacher. 
Since the colors and the surface of the newmero bricks were important, the children were involved in the design. 
Everything was taken into consideration, the weight of the bricks, the stacking, the colors, the surface texture ... All of this to create newmero bricks that look appealing. And which children simply can't resist touching and playing with. 

Partners of newmero - Our Story

Behind newmero is a "multi cultural" family, consisting of Christine (Icelandic / French) and Allan (Danish / Chinese), which together have 3 boys aged 4, 7 and 9 years.

Erik Cheng, partner in newmero

Allan has a Ph.D. and studied mathematics and computer science at Aarhus University in Denmark and Cornell. Christine holds an MBA from Copenhagen Business School.

The brother of Allan, Erik joined the company to take care of the marketing design, photography and other things. Erik studied architecture from Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark.

The company is located in the North of Copenhagen, Denmark.                           

In all, it took about a year to develop the newmero bricks and the packaging to be ready to launch in the beginning 2016 at the big Toy fair, Spielwarenmesse in Germany.

To ensure the best quality and safety for children, the newmero bricks and the packaging is produced in Poland, Europe.

Within 10 months, the newmero bricks - The Joy of Numbers - has received 7 prestigious international toy awards which proves that educators and parents love our newmero bricks. Not only do the children learn fast by playing with the newmero bricks but they like doing fun math games.

Preschool math games

Our mission is:

To educate young children by improving their mathematics skills through developing innovative, robust and effective products that can be used by anyone, everywhere and anytime.

Today, we mainly have distributors in Europe and we are currently looking for more distributors worldwide.

Bøvler dit barn med matematik?

Forældre kan godt give sit barn et forspring eller hjælpe med at indhente hans/hendes klassekammerater i matematik - det er faktisk ikke så svært.

Newmero talbrikkerne er et sjovt matematik spil til 3-9 år børn.

Approved by lovely children in Nepal

The Joy of Numbers in Nepalese Primary school

We donated few sets of “The Joy of Numbers” to the Shree Kamal Primary school in Nepal which is run by The Human Practice Foundation.

The Human Practice Foundation supports projects aimed at elevating the living standards in indigenous communities in the developing world.  They establish schools in isolated areas and enable poor children to attend school.

The numbers are written differently in Nepali but the children also learn the numbers that we use.

Nepalese numbers

The school use mainly books so it was great for the children to learn mathematic in another way. Often, young children learn best by touching and experimenting.

The Joy of Numbers in Nepal
The Joy of numbers approved by Nepalese pupils

The Joy of Numbers are used in classes for 5-7 years old and 8-9 years old pupils. The children started to play with the bricks and stack them up to get used to them. Afterwards they all learned very fast how the bricks are functioning and how to do the exercises.

The school doesn’t need internet or other materials to do the exercises.

The numbered bricks are very solid and will last forever.

Nepalese children learning mathematic

It makes us happy to see children all over the world learning and enjoying to use “The Joy of Numbers”.

Allan and Christine

2016 Winning Awards

The newmero bricks got TopToy of the year 2016 from Creative Child Award

We are extremely proud to announce that “The Joy of Numbers” won “TOY OF THE YEAR AWARD 2016 " and also the prestigious “2016 PREFERRED CHOICE AWARD” from the “Creative Child Magazine Awards Program”.

"The Joy of Numbers" received the 2016 Preferred Choice from Creative Child Award

The remaining finalists that receive the “2016 PREFERRED CHOICE AWARD” is based on their ability to exceed expectations for nurturing creativity and education in children.

Creative Child Magazine Award Program is unique in that all products submitted are reviewed by moms and early education professionals. Products are reviewed by many people - the very people who would purchase them.

Only one product per category can win a Toy Top of the Year award from Creative Child.

The Joy of Numbers, received the “TOY OF THE YEAR AWARD 2016” in Educational Toys category.

We got also the “PREFERRED CHOICE AWARD 2016” in Builder Construction Toys category.

This is really great!