Give your child a headstart

The newmero bricks are a fun way to train early math skills. 

Several research papers have proven that pre-school/early training of young children improve school performance in math and reading!

The bricks have a clear and simple design. Your child will love to play with these colourful bricks. 

You will soon realize that these bricks are designed to help solving exercises - we call it "the self-guidance of the bricks".

This builds your child's self confidence by letting him/her figure out things himself/herself.

Decimal system by using "The Joy of Numbers" newmero bricks

The newmero bricks are innovative educational toy for children aged of 3-9 years old.

It consists of a set of colourful, physical numbered bricks. We have designed the bricks to make it fun and manageable for children to experience of the joy of numbers by improving their math skills through games and exercises.




With the bricks, the children can easily learn/train the decimal system including:
- Identify and build numbers.
- Count and sort.
- Add up to Tens ("Ten friends").
- Perform additions and subtractions.

Here can you see a video of our boys doing some of the easiest exercises.

Numerous math games and exercises already exist and children, parents and teachers continuously keep inventing more. For example, there are exercises that support cooperative learning between children at different math levels like this math game "Boil the numbers".