From Paul Fothergill

I got these for our young son, and as you can see from the photographs he absolutely loves them, they are very brightly coloured and very robust, they make learning fun, and he hardly realises he's learning, he just thinks he's playing a game.
Its an excellent buy, definitely recommend this for anyone with pre school age children
Even his older sister enjoys playing games with them when he puts them down.


From Kelly Taggarton;

these are amazing, my daughter really does struggle with her maths and these really help her to get fast with her simple maths which is what she struggles with... they are brilliant and are sooo much fun, they both love this. even the adults love to play. would defo recommend this to the whole family, its really is great.

From Michael MCon;

Wow wow wow what an excellent way to teach kids I use this with my son he is 2 years old and now can count to 20 impressive played a game recommended by the seller as find the fish seller also give more good advice as what to play overall excellent.

From Asaf;

Brilliant idea!! Whoever thought about this method of teaching kids how to learn numbers and how to calculate them is a very smart person. My 4 year old loves this very much, which is very surprising for me to see him do math and understand it! My 8 year old also find pleasure in playing and learning from this game.      Very happy with this purchase.

From Judie;

I am a Homeschool mom of three boys, 9, 6 and 3 and half. I also hold the firm believe that math skill is of the uttermost importance in a child's education, together with the ability to read and write. It lays the foundation for logical thinking and reasoning, and all science. However, when it comes to practical, I hadn't found any good way to teach my kids math, besides the old-fashioned textbook and workbook method, well, that's not until I found these newmero bricks. I am so impressed with these, and here are a list of reasons why:

1. It is very well designed and built. Rock solid quality.
2. It can be used for kids from 3 to 9. I was a little bit skeptical at first, to be honest, that something can be used for a 3-year-old as well as a 9-year-old. But this thing is designed in such a genius way that it can teach kids from recognizing numbers, to counting, all the way up to adding 4-digit to 4-digit numbers.
4. I love the friends of 10s, 100s, and 1000s concepts. These concepts are the foundations for mental math and calculation, and I can lay that foundation with my kids through playing. They will have such much easier time when it comes to doing the more complicated mental math later.
5. It also came with very beautiful and sturdy carrying bag so all pieces can stay together.
6. There are so many games you can play with this set. Did I mention they actually have a bunch of videos to show you how to do some of the games on their website? Being a visual learner myself, that is such a huge plus to me.

So far I can not see a thing I do not like about these bricks. I can see years of education and fun to come.

From Lori


Just received our blocks and my daughter loves them, they make make the learning fun for her and help to remember the groupings of numbers. The blocks fit together like a puzzle for sets of numbers that equal 10...100....its definitely a very creative way for children to learn. The seller was easy to work with and the product is of a high quality. The blocks come with an instruction booklet that makes it easy to understand, as well as with a trendy little carrying bag.

From Kimmy


Bought it for my daughter. This game help her understand the numbers. It's a good bonding between me and my daughter. She loves numbers and she loves bricks. It's easy to understand the game since the manual explain it very well. This bricks also help my daughter understand the additions and subtraction. I also downloaded the big manual and can't wait to try more games and exercises on there. I love that she is not stress about it. It's like we're just playing but at the same time she is learning.

From Susanne

My boy got this big toy box on his birthday. This is such an innovative toy that gives him a chance to learn and play. The material is very quality. I love how safe it is. The brick size is big enough so that my baby won't get choke by accident. My boy and I enjoy playing because it creates bond between us because I don't spend much time with him during the day.
Would love to recommend it.

From Michael

This is an educational kids learning game/toy.
I got this for my my son to try and help him with numbers a little and to have fun at the same time. I chose this product as I noticed it's been up.for.many awards and has won a good handful too which is always good when it comes to your kids learning.
Well, you get 57 pieces in this pack and they are designed in a certain way to help with learning. There is so many different games and learning exercises to do and you can even make your own if you've got a creative mind. I'll list a few below to give you an idea..
There is 4 different colour types all having their own meaning..
Yellow - single digit numbers
Green - 2 digit numbers
Blue - 3 digit numbers
Orange - 4 digit numbers

Each piece has other features too..
On the top you have notches that count the first number. For example a yellow number 3 has 3 notches. A blue 600 will have 6 notches ect.
On the sides of the pieces are a jigsaw like pattern which helps to add number which I'll explain also..
There is also a piece that sticks out on each block which is used for stacking pieces.
Ok, some basic games and learning..
The jigsaw patterns - These are used to identify which piece and it's partner number add up to either 10, 100 or 1000. If you look at the pictures below you will see how this works with patterns not matching and the correct matches making the jigsaw match.
Also, if your trying to add up to 10, 100 or 1000 you can put the pieces backside to backside. If you have a match then you will see 10 notches. If you are below your required number then you need to find the right piece that makes a whole line of notches or take away notches until you have the complete line.
Adding different digit numbers can also become quite simple with the stacking feature. You could for example take the 1000+500+70+8. This might sound like a major task but with the stacking feature this becomes quite simple.
I could sit here for hours explaining the uses and benefits but if you want my suggestion...if you want to help.i your child's development then I'd highly recommend this maths toy. It's a great way to spend time with your children and to help with their learning and have fun at the same time. We play bingo games and a couple out of the booklet which comes with it and we have a fantastic time. There is also some videos online of people showing different games and activities which can be done with this pack. Great buy. Thankyou. Me and my son love this. Highly recommended.

From Edan Thorpe

These educational bricks are absolutely fantastic. My daughter, who has learning difficulties, was playing with them - and learning - within seconds of taking them out of the box. She had even made her own games up with them too which seemed to help her progression.

They are very sturdily made, which is a bonus for children like her, and she even took them to school where everybody enjoyed playing with them. They come wth a handy carry bag meaning they can be kept safe when not in use too.

The multitude of things you can do with these, mathematically or otherwise, really is only limited by your own imagination. The difference in confidence I have seen in my daughter since using these has really been 'night and day'. I can't thank Christina Blin enough for having the insight to produce something like this as I believe it really does fill a gap in the market. Beautifully designed with clever matching edges which encourage the correct answer through touch.

I would do nothing else but recommend them to everyone for children with a young age, with little grasp of mathematics, or children like mine who find learning challenging.

A fantastic learning aid.

From Annie;

Perfect for my nieces one is 4 one is 8
These are a gift for my niece as she's just started school they are ideal for learning numbers and coordination too. They are well presented in a lovely bag perfect for taking to grandmas in a bag .. journeys

From Silvia Kuzma;
Perfect Educational Toy. suitable if you wish to spend some quality time with your kids from age of 3+. they are not a choking hazard, so they are suitable also for families where they have smaller children. To be honest I had to read to manual how to play with them. my two and a half year old has the same reaction like me when we opened the box: what am I looking at? When I studied the manual I think it is bit like a simple card game, which can be taken to higher levels with the blocks of different values and colours.

From Eva;

This is such a good idea. Good for the little ones just to play with the bricks, to get familiar with numbers. Also comes handy when you are trying to help the older kids to understand math. I love that it comes with a storage bag, so they can put it away easily. It is well made and good value for the money. I am planing to buy another as a present for our friends.

From Carla Gibbinson;

Wow these are brilliant
My son loves how he can use these to help count
He loves the groves at the top to help with counting
There is loads of diffent numbers for 1-9 10-90 100-900 1000 ext nice bright colours for diffent numbers
Comes with a lovely bag
Can not believe how helpful these are
Highly recommended

From Rosie M.;

Love this product. It's so much fun for the whole family. My little girl favourite game is playing bingo with them. Highly recommend. The storage bag comes in really handy to.

Poul-Junker Poulsen

Easy to explain and easy for the children to understand the value of a number...they love it


My 7 years old son was struggling with math so I bought newmero to help him. We spend the whole sunday playing and he learned very fast. It is amazing. Thank you.                                                                                                                                                                          

I like that they can be connected to each other to make arithmetic problems and what not.

Great for learning numbers and sequencing. Great for schools.