school pack

The newméro bricks supports cooperative learning between children at different math skill levels.

Due to the brick's "self-guidance design", children can figure things out themselves or help each other, thereby freeing up the teacher's time to regain the overview of the whole class.

We recommend to group the children by 4-5 with one "set"/bag of bricks.



The School pack box contains 5 sets of each:
- 2 sets of yellow bricks (numbers 1-9)
- 2 sets of green bricks (numbers 10-90)
- 2 sets of blue bricks (numbers 100-900)
- 1 set of orange bricks (numbers 1000-3000)
- 1 cotton bag

One manual for the teacher

285 bricks in total



Carton dimensions (LWH): 37 x 19 x 16 cm.

Weight: 3,9 kg.

4 pcs. School Packs are bundled in carton box:

39 x 39 x 37 cm.

Weight: 16,3 kg.

Product nr.: EU-014-01

EAN Bar code: 5714449000068

(old Bar code: 5700002026460)