Large Pack

The Large Pack is suitable for children aged +3-9 years.

The Large pack is ideal for parents that have children at different age level or want to stimulate their child for several years.

It gets parents and children to play together. The bricks develop children's number skills and help them understand math.



57 high quality plastic bricks (in four different colours).

- 2 sets of yellow bricks (numbers 1-9)

- 2 sets of green bricks (numbers 10-90)

- 2 sets of blue bricks (numbers 100-900)

- 1 set of orange bricks (numbers 1000-3000)

- One booklet with inspirational examples of exercises/games in different languages.

Booklet 1: German, English, French and Danish.

Booklet 2 : English, Polish, Czech, Slovakian and Romanian.

- One handy cotton bag for storing/transporting the bricks.



Carton Box dimensions (LWH): 22 x 7 x 24 cm

Weight: 0,86 kg

5 pcs bundled in a brown carton box: 37 x 24 x 26 cm.

Weight: 4,44 kg.

Product nr. West Europe: EU-010-01

EAN Bar code West Europe: 5714449000006

(old Bar code: 5700002026408)

Product nr. East Europe: EE-010-01

EAN Bar code East Europe: 5714449000105