new packaging + new name

We have three news for you.

No.1 - New packaging

We are proud for the new graphic design of our new packaging that demonstrates the innovative design of our awarded winning newmero bricks.

We use the sides of the packaging to demonstrate what the newmero bricks look like and explaining in details how the bricks can be used in different ways.
On the top side there are "learning benefits" from using the newmero bricks.

No. 2 - New name

We have also changed the name to the "newmero bricks"
instead of "The Joy of Numbers".

No. 3 - New variations

To spice it up, we have also changed the names of our packaging:
"Retail pack" will be "Large pack" (picture above) and
"Starter pack" will be "Small pack" (picture below).

We hope that you like the new look and the new name.
The new packaging is ready and will be renewed in all the shops in the next months. 

Best regards,
Allan, Christine and Erik

P.S. The manuals will also have the new look (see below).
P.P.S. You can download the new manual from our our website

Forside lille manual.JPG