Dr Toy 100 Best Toy 2016

We are thrilled to tell you that our newmero bricks - The Joy of Numbers was selected to be Dr Toy 100 Best Toy 2016 - an evaluation across all types of toys.

Dr toy 10 best educational products - newmero bricks The Joy of Numbers

In fact, the newmero bricks are among the Dr Toy 10 Best Educational products.

Dr Toy awards have since 1992 selected and tested toys that are available in the toy market.  

Dr Toy picks out the best one’s based on  high standards for design, durability, quality, safety, price and value.

Dr Toy winners is reserved to be the most outstanding new toys that promote learning, creativity, activity, fun and entertainment, and help to build skills and support social and emotional development in in children.

Visit Dr Toy website to find out more about the criteria for the renowned Dr Toy 100 Best award.