math for kids

Are you born to be good or bad in math?


In the Western countries, we are convinced that some people are naturally good at math and some are not!

But it’s actually a myth that is transferred from adults to children and is damaging the learning possibilities (1).

It is very interesting, that this myth does not exist in Asian countries like Japan and China. And these countries are becoming worldwide champions in math according to OECD (2).

All babies are really born to love playing with numbers and are eager to learn math. This is the perfect opportunity for parents and teachers to nurture and challenge this appetite.

4 out of 10 people say that they hate math (3). They often hate math because they have had a bad experience in school or their parents claimed that nobody in the family was good at math.

A student gets a bad experience when he/she fails to progress in a math class and may feel left behind. Those students try to avoid math as much as possible in the future. They, unfortunately, miss a big opportunity as math is crucial for future technologies (1).


All people can learn math, it is just about training.

As a parent, you should have a positive attitude about numbers and math. Spend time with your child by playing with numbers or help to do their math homework.
If you, as a parent, did not like math as a kid, there is no need to tell that to your children.
Just tackle math in a different way and you may surprise yourself that math isn’t as bad as you remembered.

Your child will really benefit from learning the numbers and math in a fun, creative and good way.

Let’s start playing with numbers...

Further recommended reading:

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