It’s all about touching

Do you remember when your baby was putting everything into its mouth?


It is indeed quite stressful if your baby manages to find small things and within 2 seconds it is in their mouth! Babies use mostly their mouth to explore objects until they are two years old. Your child should then hopefully use its fingers to explore and feel things.

Young children and even adults learn best by touching and feeling to understand things that are sometimes complicated.

When I was young, I felt math was very hard to understand.

We only used paper and pen in school so I only could learn mathematics in one way. It was frustrating but I managed to battle through math.

Allan and I felt that there should be many ways of teaching mathematics. We think that you can learn by touching, watching and singing.

Japanese children learn for example the multiplication table by singing. They learn a new song every week until it is imprinted in their head like you probably learned the alphabet song by heart when you were little.

We decided to create plastic bricks so children can play, touch and learn at the same time.

The numbered bricks have an intuitive design that helps the children to figure things out themselves..

Everything becomes much easier when you can decompose numbers. With the bricks the number 378 can easily be decomposed into 300, 70 and 8. And 378 is just the total of those.

You can see videos of our youngest boys playing with the bricks on our website Watch how easy it is to learn numbers and math.

Have fun!

Allan and Christine

P.S. If you are wondering where to get our bricks click here: “The Joy of Numbers”.