The newmero bricks supports cooperative learning between children at different math skill levels.

Due to the brick's "self-guidance design", children can figure things out themselves or help each other, thereby freeing up the teacher's time to regain the overview of the whole class.

STEM education in School

We offer a "Kindergarten pack" and a "School pack" which are perfect for class exercises. We recommend to group the children by 4-5 with one "set"/bag of  bricks.

We have launched a newmero academy website for teachers. The purpose is to provide the teachers a new way to demonstrate the newmero bricks from a large smartboard, touch screen or even a projector.
This will be great for the teacher to explain the exercises on the smartboard so the pupils can quickly get started with the newmero bricks.
Furthermore, we are not only explaining the exercises for the teachers but also creating exercises and printouts for the pupils to fill out in class.

Preschool STEM education with the newméro bricks

"Kindergarten Pack" contains 5 sets of each:

  • 1 cotton bag
  • 2 sets of yellow bricks (numbers 1-9)
  • 1 set of green bricks (numbers 10-90)
  • manual for the teacher

(in total 135 bricks)

The Kindergarten pack is suitable for children 3-7 years old.



Childrens educational toys to learn fun math - The Joy of Numbers

We also make

"The School pack" that contains 5 sets of each:

  • 1 cotton bag
  • 2 sets of yellow bricks (numbers 1-9)
  • 2 sets of green bricks (numbers 10-90)
  • 2 sets of blue bricks (numbers 100-900)
  • 1 set of orange bricks (numbers 1000-3000)
  • manual for the teacher

(in total 285 bricks) with a manual for the teachers.

Watch the full instructional school video or instructional kindergarten video which explain the bricks, many exercises and the benefits of using the bricks.

Note that for kindergartens, you would likely only use the yellow and green bricks and skip the last exercises shows, as they are intended for 6+ years old children.