designed with children for children

The bricks have been designed with children for children. 

The (numbered) bricks’ surface, size, weight and colour have carefully be crafted to appeal to the touching/tactile nature of young children. 

The bricks guides the children to find the answers themselves through intuitive design.

The newmero bricks are produced in Europe and made of high and strong quality PBA-free plastic.

STEM for Girls with the newmero bricks


The newmero bricks may look simple but it has many features to help the children to find the solution.

The Bricks


A. Left jig saw pattern

B. Counting knobs

C. Numeral value

D. Bottom edge

E. Stacking/connector knob

F. Right jig saw pattern

G. Back side


What is ”five”?

The symbol 5 combined with the counting knobs on top of the brick makes it easy to understand 5 and its value.


Which is larger and how are numbers related
and sorted?

Simply stack the bricks on top of each other using the connector knob and the counting knobs will provide guidance.


Which numbers are 10-friends?

Two bricks of the same color that add to 10 (100 or 1000) fit together along the jigsaw pattern on the side. 2 and 8 show the match.


If they are not

10-friends, why?

The bricks can also explain where to look for the answer. Simply place them back against back and the bricks will explain where to look for the answer.


What is the structure of multidigit numbers?

Simply build numbers as staircases using the connector knob.

Composing and decompose numbers physically.

3526 is simply a 3000, 500, 20 and a 6.


The newmero bricks are packed in several packagings:

See: Large pack, Small pack, School pack and Kindergarten pack.