fun to play with numbers

The newmero bricks develop children's number skills and help them understand maths. The bricks are great for both children that are curious and children that are not so interested in numbers or have problems with math.

The concept of the newmero bricks is to turn the abstract decimal number system into a physical playing and learning experience.

newmero bricks for STEM activities



It can be difficult for children to understand numbers when they are simply written on a piece of paper.

Children need to feel and experience numbers by themselves to learn numbers and basic math.  

Understanding numbers by touching, building, decomposing them. 

These bricks help them understand numbers and how the number system works.  For example that 11 is bigger than 7 and that 534 is just 500 + 30 + 4. It makes learning simple, fast and fun.


These educational bricks are absolutely fantastic. My daughter, who has learning difficulties, was playing with them - and learning - within seconds of taking them out of the box. She had even made her own games up with them too which seemed to help her progression.
— Edan Thorpe
I was a little bit skeptical at first, to be honest, that something can be used for a 3-year-old as well as a 9-year-old. But this thing is designed in such a genius way that it can teach kids from recognizing numbers, to counting, all the way up to adding 4-digit to 4-digit numbers.
— Jodie
These are amazing, my daughter really does struggle with her maths and these really help her to get fast with her simple maths which is what she struggles with... they are brilliant and are sooo much fun, they both love this. even the adults love to play. would defo recommend this to the whole family, it’s really is great.
— Kelly Taggarton

WON 11 awards

Since we launched in February 2016 the newméro bricks, we have received many international awards.
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